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Wang Insurance can provide access to high net-worth insurance solutions that go beyond what is offered by the standard insurance market.

High value homes in California are generally categorized as those with a value in excess of $1,500,000. For homes of this kind of value, there is an increased need for specialized coverage.

Your home most likely has custom details such as vaulted ceilings, fitted appliances, and enhanced features, which would not be factored into a standard homeowners policy.

Some highlights

  • Survey of your home–your customized features in your home will be noted in an inspection. We'll be able to ensure that you have the appropriate coverages on your high end home.

  • Valuable items–you will have options for a collections insurance policy, covering fine arts, jewelry, and other specialized items.

  • Deductible waiver–some policies will waive the deductible if the amount of a property loss exceeds a certain dollar amount, such as $50,000 (this does not apply for all companies and all cases).
  • High level liability–up to $5 million liability protection is available to you (in some cases we can go up to $10 million).
  • Packaging with high value autos–we can package your high value home and high value autos together, saving you up to 25% off both policies.

Our insurance advisors are able to find a competitive rate for your high value home.