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Uber and Lyft insurance

With the rapid growth of companies like Uber and Lyft, insurance carriers are finally getting on track! We now have a product available specifically for drivers that work for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs).

There is a gap

Right now there is a gap in insurance for ridesharing. Ridesharing companies will cover you while you have a passenger in your car, but what about when the app is on and you don't have a passenger?

Doesn't my auto policy cover me?

In short, nope. Most companies have already put language in their policy specifically excluding coverage if you're driving passengers for a fee or ridesharing. This means if you were to get into an accident with the app on, there'd probably be no coverage provided by your auto insurance, unless you bought auto insurance that's meant to fill this gap.

What's covered with your ridesharing insurance?

If we add on the ridesharing coverage and your policy is active, you will be covered:

  • When the app is on, but no dispatch has been received (for your listed vehicles).
  • And during normal personal usage (for your listed vehicles).