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Errors & omissions–do you need It?


Errors & omissions (also known as professional liability) is important because of the fact that it’s so often overlooked. 

  • What happens when a printer misspells the groom’s name on a large order of engraved wedding invitations?
  • Or when a plumber does a faulty repair job and floods an entire office building?
  • Or when a product doesn’t perform to a client’s expectations, and the manufacturer is sued for functionality failure?

These are just a couple examples of E&O losses that might not be covered under your general liability insurance.

What's errors & omissions?

  • Protects you or your company against alleged claims of negligent or inadequate work.
  • Covers the judgments, settlements and defense costs to arise out of such an allegation.

How is errors & omissions different from general liability?

General Liability covers property damage, bodily injury, medical payments, defense costs, and personal and advertising injury that are unrelated to your professional services. E&O was designed to fill that gap.

Do I need errors & omissions?

  • Do you provide services for a fee?
  • Do you regularly give advice?
  • Are you required by your clients to carry E&O?

Whether you’re prone to making mistakes or not, let’s face it: We live in a litigious age. You could be sued for something totally unwarranted, yet be stuck paying thousands of dollars defending yourself in a lawsuit anyway.

How do I get covered?

You will need to do some prep work. Be as detailed as you can with us so that we can find the right E&O policy for you. You may also want to get together resumes, contracts and financials, as many insurers will request copies. The more info you can provide that proves your credibility to the company (i.e. quality control procedures and/or training procedures), the easier it will be for us to match you with the proper carrier.